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Saint Monica High School
Class of 1968
40 Year Reunion
Memory Book

Arranged by James McMullen
Website by Peter Shikli (Sikli)

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Title:Dedication View record     Question 

Saint Monica High School Class of ‘68 Memory Book is dedicated to our fellow classmates who have passed before us. They will always live in our fondest memories.

Richard Couture

David Crilly

Dennis Early

Beth (McCoy) Escobar

Delores Kane

Tony Krajewski

Martha Matheson

Harold Pape

Phillip Parlett

David Saenz

Goia Siciliano

Cora Strickland

Elmer Thompson Jr.

Elizabeth Weiskoph

Marie Williamson

Title:Introduction View record     Question 

On Oct 4th, 2008, St. Monica High School Class of ’68 held its 40 year reunion in Cantwell Auditorium. It was a magical night filled with familiar (and not so familiar) faces which reminded us all that 40 years is indeed a long time! Memories of homecoming dances, our Senior play and assemblies, filled the auditorium. It was fun seeing old friends and reliving stories from days gone by, sharing pictures of our grown children and grandchildren, and hearing where and how people ended up living where they do.

We acknowledged Teresa Couture for traveling the furthest to get here (from Walpole, Mass.) and Mary Helen (Centeno) Hernandez, for having the most grandkids (17) not a typo!  Kathy (Creighton) Cappasola was voted the person who changed the least. And my wife Paulette (Clark) McMullen, class of ‘69, and I were recognized for being married the longest (39 years) again, not a typo!  We paid tribute to our fellow classmates who’ve passed before us, through a touching slide presentation, their smiling faces reminding us how fragile life is.

As we danced to the sounds of the 60’s and enjoyed a wonderful buffet, it was evident by the camaraderie that the St. Monica experience was one that changed each of us. It created a bond that connects us all...forever. We ended the evening with the singing of our Alma Mater, content to know that the spirit of St. Monica High School lives on.

Thanks to Virginia Lennon for stepping up to the plate to make the reunion happen and to her organizing committee: Diane Adamson, Patty (Benenati) Berniker, Jim Cota, Kris Dahlin, Steve Gamboa, John Hummer, Randy Iacovino, Bernie Malis, Linda (Mollica) Boisselle and Eileen (Rice) LaBarbera, you guys did a great job. A special thanks to Merritt Johnson for his dedication and enthusiasm; qualities needed to make this booklet happen. And to Peter Shikli for contributing his technical expertise. Let’s not wait 40 years to do this again....

A Fellow Mariner,
Jim McMullen



2. Alumni

Title:Diane Adamson View record     Question 

639 Bayview Dr. Aptos, CA 95003

Marital Status: Married for 18 years
Occupation: Nurse
Standout HS memory: Caught cheating in Home Making Class, destined to be a lousy homemaker.
Memorable life moments: Traveling, finding Buddha, Bawky, and exercise.
Favorite oldies: Baby I’m Amazed, Heat Wave, Heard it Through the Grapevine, Do You Love Me (Contours).

Title:George Alvarez View record     Question 

5300 Woodgate Court, El Sobrante, CA 94803

Marital Status: Married 17 years
Occupation: Comcast/Day Trader
Kids: 1
Grandkids: 0
Memorable life moments: Traveling the world-being in Berlin when the Wall toppled-having a family.
Favorite oldies: My Guy, Born to be Wild, Horse with no Name

Title:Jose Alvarez View record     Question 

13905 61st Ave N, Plymouth, Minneapolis, MN 55446

Marital Status: W
Occupation: Director of Finance
Standout HS memory: Friends
Favorite oldies: Angel Baby, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Louie Louie

Title:Patty (Benenati) Berniker View record     Question 

1012 Indiana Ave, Venice, CA 90291

Marital Status: Married 16 years
Occupation: X-Ray Tech
Kids: 3
Grandkids: 0
Standout HS memory: Working on and going to “Through the Looking Glass”, Junior Dance.
Favorite oldies: When a Man Loves a Woman, Light My Fire, California Girls, Midnight Confessions

Title:Mary Helen (Centeno) Hernandez View record     Question 

3770 Beethoven St., Los Angeles, CA 90066

Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Data Management Specialist
Kids: 3
Grandkids: 17

Title:Sophie (Rudomino) Hensley View record     Question 

31901 Foxmoor Ct, Westlake Village, CA 91361

Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Banking

Title:Margy (Chrisney) Parisella View record     Question 

3722 Coolidge, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Architect
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 0

Standout HS memory: When I was 16, by mom took 5 St. Mo's girls to Spring-break in Palm Springs. At 17 we went on Spring-break by ourselves in Palm Springs. We laughed when we saw Elmer and Gary cruising the main street with surfboards on top of the car in the desert. Going to a Rolling Stones concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Lori W. and ending up backstage. Driving all night here and there and even to San Francisco with Sophie and Denise listening to Cream and Credence Clearwater Revival. Having parties at my house when my parents went away for the weekend. Going to "Norm's" after school and to "Zucky's" after dances. Taking "boys classes" and learning that in boys classes, if you turned around & talked you got "bonked" on the head with an eraser.
Memorable life moments: Getting married to a great guy and having healthy kids late in life. Having both of our boys go thru Catholic schools and then go on to college (1 to go next year). Going on a wonderful Alaska cruise with the family and especially my in-laws for their 50th wedding anniversary. Our family liked creating memories with our vacations to New York and D.C. at Christmas to visit friends and sight-see; our road-trip thru Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota to visit family and tryout all of the Big Roller-coasters and many, many years of San Diego Beach House vacations. I had memorable years working in Washington D.C., particularly during the Bicentennial (1976) and then working in Boston. I have always been lucky to have great jobs and love what I do.
Favorite oldies: Different Drum, Light My Fire, Dock of the Bay, For What It’s Worth

Title:Marty Connelly View record     Question 

PO Box 222, Williston, VT. 05495

Marital Status: Married 29 years
Occupation: Operations Mgr for
Vermont Courier Logistics Co.
delivering worldwide; also warehouse
computer parts for major industries.
Kids: 2
Met spouse: Was best man for friend;
met the maid of honor; the rest is history. Got engaged after 7 weeks; married after 5 months and happily married for 29+ years. How I/we ended up living where we do: Decided So. Cal wasn’t where we wanted to raise kids, researched fro 2 years, and found Vermont was place to relocate to- we have no regrets other than leaving family and friends. Want to travel to: Bermuda; where we usually take a cruise every year because of its tranquility, beauty, and especially for snorkeling- also to Zermatt In Switzwerland, where the Matterhorn resides, unbelievable site & because I have an attachment as I was born in Switzerland. Farthest place visited: All over Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland and especially Greece, where I spent 4 months in 1978.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Steve Hilton and Ensworth Bruni. Standout HS memory: All the people I met and stayed friends with- and also throw in Graduation Day and Grad Night. Memorable life moments: Meeting my wife Cathy, wedding day and birth of our son and daughter. Favorite oldies: Born on the Bayou, When I was Young, White Room

Title:Margaret (Corcoran) Reyes View record     Question 

1577 Grandola Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Marital Status: D
Occupation: Educator
Kids: 2
How I/we ended up living where we do: Moved to Eagle Rock 30 years ago, a nice place to raise children and close to work.
Want to travel to: I will one day visit Australia.
Farthest place visited: Life has been good to me and I have traveled to various locations in Europe, with and without my children. I enjoy traveling with my children.
Who did you miss at the reunion: I would like to connect with Kay Tipton, Lupe Escalera, Roy Mora, and Chris Sandoval.
Standout HS memory: Fondly remember the dances, Hi-Jinks, sporting events, getting together with friends, and our Senior Play.
Memorable life moments: The most memorable days in my life have been the birth of my children and their graduations.

Title:Jim Cota View record     Question 

157 Apple Tree Ave, Camarillo, CA

Marital Status: M
Occupation: Retired Los Angeles
County Fire Dept.
Kids: 4
Grandkids: 3
Met spouse: Saint Monica’s High School. How I/we ended up living where we do:
We could afford the payment.
Want to travel to: Australia. I’ve always wanted to go there.
Farthest place visited: Chile.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Steve Hilton, Chris Riddle, Chris Sandoval, Craig Stecyk and a few more.
Standout HS memory: Football our Senior year, best Varsity record while we attended St. Mo’s.
Memorable life moments: Too many to choose from.

Title:Therese (Couture) Greenfield View record     Question 

1187 West Street, Walpole, MA 02081

Marital Status: W
Occupation: Mother, Grandmother, Credit Manager.
Met Spouse: I met my second husband at a singles dance 12/99. How did you end up living where you do now? I moved to Mass. In 1974 to be with my 1st husband’s family and with the intention of buying a house. I do have 5 fabulous kids...and a pretty great house. Where would you like to travel? New Zealand is intriguing to me and is on my list. Would like to live there for a year. I have been to many countries and love to travel.
Farthest destination traveled? Egypt, Greece and Turkey. Most recently Scotland.
Who did you miss at the reunion? Patty Bradley, Barbara Keith, Kathy Dennis, Kay Tipton, Shannon Brady where are you?
Standout HS memory? I only wish I had more guts (and been less worried about what people would think) and had shared myself more openly with my classmates. We all would have had more fun-and learned more. Now I know.
Memorable life Moments? Skydiving for my 55th birthday. I can’t I had the guts to do it. Attending and helping with the births of two of my grandchildren, what an honor. I am continuing my education through reading and attending Landmark Education forums and seminars. They challenge and inspire me and I highly recommend them.

Title:Kathleen (Creighton) Cappasola View record     Question 

2251 Mustang Trail, Frisco, TX, 75034 Email:

Marital Status: Married 37 years
Occupation: Pres. Logic Media Corp. Ex- ecutive Producer/Agent Radio Broadcast ing.
Kids: 3.
Grandkids: 3.
Met spouse: Was introduced by Margaret White Mallen and John White in Santa Monica. We won on the Newlywed TV game show.
How I/we ended up living where we do: To be near my grandchildren.
Want to travel to: Texas is centrally located where oldest daughter and family reside. I can travel to DC to see 3 youngest daughter and to San Diego/Orange Co. to visit son and his family. Work also brings me to these locations so I can enjoy both and include sailing and power boating, which I love.
Farthest place visited: Haiti…where I took a bamboo raft down the rapids of Rio Grande.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Jeannie Ekstromer.
Standout HS memory: Theater Productions, Pygmalion and Taming of the Shrew. Mr. Gabriel and the school newspaper.
Memorable life moments: The birth of my grandchildren.
Favorite oldies: This Guy is in Love With You, Those Were the Days, A Beautiful Morning, For Once in My Life.

Title:Kris Dahlin View record     Question 

1924 Glyndon Ave, Venice, CA 90291

Marital Status: Married 26 years
Occupation: Software Architect
Kids: 2
Standout HS memory: The A Group- Senior Math.
Memorable life moments: 7 Caribbean Countries in 22 days with Theresa, the 19 times I was California State Champion in Outrigger Canoe Racing.
Favorite oldies: Let’s be Friends (Skin to Skin), California Girls, Thunder Road, No Woman No Cry.

Title:John Delfino View record     Question 

2422 22nd St, Santa Monica, CA 91405

Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Operating Engineer, UCLA

Title:Mary (DiMeglio) Messier View record     Question 

3832 Lincoln, Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Marital Status: Married
Kids: 4
Standout HS memory: Ursula in Bye Bye Birdie...Times office and spinach salad.
Memorable life moments: Italy for 50th birthday.

Title:Margaret (Engler) Paez View record     Question 

Address: 22321 Hillside Ct., Tehachapi, CA 93561

Marital Status: Married 20 years
Occupation: Retired
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 4

Title:Micki (Flenghi) Sinclair View record     Question 

515 Hercules Dr., Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Marital Status: Married 30 years
Occupation: R.N.
Kids: 2
Standout HS memory: Dean's Special Assembly in my Freshman year … Due to "UNACCEPTABLE" behavior by Freshman on the bus to a football game.
Favorite oldies: Somebody to Love

Title:Margaret (Fletcher) Sieger View record     Question 

31 Lakeview Dr., Boulder, CO 80303

Marital Status: D
Standout HS memory: Graduation in the "Jungle"
Favorite oldies: In a Little While - U2

Title:Jim Fryar View record     Question 

19613 Fairweather St., Santa Clarita, CA 91351

Marital Status: Married 24 years
Occupation: Certified General
Appraiser with State of California.
Commercial and Residential
appraiser with various banks
for 31 years.
Kids: 2
Met spouse: Social event and meeting at a Catholic singles club in San Fernando Valley.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Got married in ’84 and could not find a house in San Fernando Valley we could afford. Looked in Canyon Country and have been there ever since.
Want to travel to: Ireland. Both my wife and I are ½ Irish and our anniversary is on St. Patrick’s Day.
Farthest place visited: Bahamas.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Ensworth Bruni, Tom Walczuk, Frank Ponce, Chuck Mackey, Bill Kenney.
Standout HS memory: Manager of the Football team and Lettermen’s jacket. Brother Alfred’s class. Drafting party. Senior Year ditching school to play billiards.
Memorable life moments: Wedding, honeymoon in Kaui, Walt Disney World.
Favorite oldies: Truly, Satisfaction, Wooly Bully, Wild Thing.

Title:Steve Gamboa View record     Question 

12822 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066

Title:Jorge Gil-Blanco View record     Question 

482 W. Hamilton Ave #2, Campbell, CA 95008

Title:Marie (Gonzalez) Niciforos View record     Question 

PO Box 8910, Alta Loma, CA 91701

Marital Status: Married 20 years
Occupation: Attorney
Kids: 3
Grandkids: 1
Favorite oldies: Always and Forever

Title:Linda (Grutz) Solar View record     Question 

21048 Arminta St., Canoga Park, CA 91304

Marital Status: D
Occupation: Administrative Assistant for VP Administration, Los Angeles Mission College/ part-time group fitness instructor/working on a Bachelor's in Kinesiology.
Kids: 2
Met spouse: Knew Glen Solar at St. Monica's, but hooked up with him at Santa Monica College, married for 20 years, now divorced.
How I/we ended up living where we do: We lived in Santa Monica until 1975, then bought a house in Canoga Park, CA in 1975 and I have lived there ever since.
Want to travel to: Australia because of the beauty and the wonderful climate.
Farthest place visited: New York in 2003 for the U.S. Open/ London, England with my British mom when I was 19.
Who did you miss at the reunion: I want to see the group I used to hang with: Art Robinson, Ed Bruni, Frank Roberts, Steve McIntyre, Anita Bates, Jose Alvarez, Bob Krufal, Jerome Ricard, Sylvia Azais.
Standout HS memory: Bye Bye Birdie, all the dances, being a Homecoming princess, remembering Mr. Gabriel, hanging out at Norm's restaurant (that's still there!)
Memorable life moments: When my son, Jeremy, graduated from Marine Corp boot camp in San Diego in 1998. I wish I knew in high school what I now know I want to do when I grow up!
Favorite oldies: Unchained Melody, Happy Together, Beach Boys

Title:Robert Hanna View record     Question 

12935 Ferndale Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066

Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Carpenter and Coach
Favorite oldies: Surfer Girl

Title:Merritt Johnson View record     Question 

28382 La Falda, Laguna Nigel, CA 92677

Marital Status: Married 27 years
Occupation: Sales
Kids: 1
Met spouse: I met Julie at a New Years Eve party. We were engaged in 6 weeks and we were married 6 months later.
How I/we ended up living where we do: My job took to me Orange County in 1979.
Want to travel to: Europe - I would like to meet some of my clients face to face.
Farthest place visited: Tahiti.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Chuck Mackey and John Cleary.
Standout HS memory: Civic Auditorium - "The Times Office" and getting hammered - Sorrento Beach Grill - Hanging out all summer at Station 14 on Santa Monica Beach - High Scholl Kiros - My Topanga Canyon Cabin that I rented @16 - Cruising the Sunset Strip with David Crilly and Company - Going to the Old Lady's on Las Flores Canyon Drive with 11 people in VW bug - Going to High School In Santa Monica, that's as good as it gets!
Memorable life moments: Meeting my wife on Balboa Island - Bring my son David home from the hospital after his birth, day one - Cruising Tahiti on the Wind Song - Where I was on November 22, 1963 at 10.45 AM PST.

Title:Marilyn Klein View record     Question 

PO Box 4867, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Marital Status: D
Occupation: Nurse Practitioner- Neurology
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 3
Standout HS memory: Passing notes in Sister Consolata'a study hall and having her request to see them and correcting the English!
Memorable life moments: Birth of my grandchildren.
Favorite oldies: Beach Boys, Beatles

Title:Denise (La Belle) Stewart View record     Question 

459 Cobre Pl. Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Marital Status: Married, 29 years
Occupation: Chief Operating Officer for Community Health Centers of the Central Coast.
Kids: 2
Met spouse: Stuart and I met at 'Big Daddys' in Marina del Rey.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Stuart was offered a job with the City of Pismo Beach, we moved to the San Luis Obispo area in 1992 from Visalia, Cal.
Want to travel to: Australia because of the beauty and the wonderful climate.
Farthest place vis ited: Istanbul, Turkey.
Who did you miss at the reunion: I would love to see all the people that couldn't make it!!!!
Standout HS memory: Driving my '56 Chevy, A & W, going to basketball games to watch 'certain' people, sock-hops, cruising, parties at Margy's house, Sorrento Beach Grill, Bye Bye Birdie, graduation party at Steve Hilton's house.
Memorable life moments: When our first child was born, Sarah, I think I felt every emotion there is - joy, love, fear, everything. If anyone comes up the coast in our neighborhood, please give me a call, I'd love to see you - we are the only Stuart Stewart in the phone book, or call me on my cell - 805-550-9778.

Title:Kathleen Leary View record     Question 

856 E. Thompson Blvd, Ventura, CA 93001

Title:Virginia Lennon View record     Question 

16321 Pacific Coast Hwy #108, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Marital Status: D
Occupation: Special Events Coordinator, Freelance Artist, Floral Design, Grandma ;O)
Kids: 3
Grandkids: 4
Met spouse: At Warehouse IX dance club…and…he was a friend of my twin brothers. We divorced in 1991.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Born and raised in Venice, I had a recurring dream of beachcombing in front of my home by the sea….Voila!
Want to travel to: Next stop Australia. I have many friends there and such great natural wonders. I will spend at least a month there!
Farthest place visited: Tahiti 1986, Provence 1998, Cozumel 2007.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Beth (Henry) Krajewski, Janice Fortier, Kris Cerminaro, Mark Hage, Sugar, Theresa, Martha, Jerome, Ensworth, Peggy, Margaret, Patti,…hey just everyone! It was a wonderful evening. How about we celebrate the BIG 60 together?
Standout HS memory: New friends, being 1 of 3 girls sent to integrate into the boys school (Brother Dominic’s), sprawling to tan, shriveling at Marios, lunch circles, Times Office, games, Chiro dances, The Inrhodes, SHA, Cora, and of course BYE BYE BIRDIE!
Memorable life moments: Being a "stay at home mom" with my three kids, competing in the World Championship Outrigger Canoe Races in Tahiti/1986, the birth of each of my 4 grandchildren, traveling to Provence with 10 women, Cozumel with my girls and Oregon and Chicago with my son. My 40th High School reunion! I look forward to staying in touch and wish you all good health and many more years of LIVIN LIFE! BIG love…Virginia.
Favorite oldies: I Will - The Beatles, Goin to a Go-Go, Satisfaction, Tracks of My Tears

Title:Bernie Malis View record     Question 

6925 W. 84th Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90045

Children: 4
Grandchildren: 6 (another on the way)
Worked in the aerospace industry from graduation until retirement in Dec. 2005. The last 28 years were in direct project management of tactical, strategic, and black space military and covert surveillance programs. Loving life and enjoying retirement by traveling in a motor home.

Title:Angela (Veltri) Gage View record     Question 


Title:Jim Marshall View record     Question 

150 Knollwood Dr., Newbury Park, CA 91320

Marital Status: Married 36 years
Occupation: 36 years with Vons grocery (retired) now drive a school bus in Thousand Oaks, CA
Kids: 3
Grandkids: 4
Met spouse: I met the former "Brigid Mallen" at our high school graduation party given by Steve Hilton's family.
How I/we ended up living where we do: My future brothers-in-law Dan and Matthew Mallen lived in Thousand Oaks. We liked the area and moved here in December of 1973.
Want to travel to: Scotland and Greece. My grandparents were born there.
Farthest place visited: England, Ireland.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Some of the people who went to high school at St. Monica's from St. Joan of Arc elementary.
Standout HS memory: My Motorcycle - 1968, Steve Hilton's Grad Party.
Memorable life moments: Vietnam 1970, My Children and Grandchildren

Title:Robin (McConologue) Manteuffel View record     Question 

630 College Ave, Boulder, CO 80302

Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Architect

Title:Ed McDonald View record     Question 

3023 General Stillwell, Albuquerque, NM 87111

Marital Status: Married 32 years
Occupation: Attorney
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 2
Standout HS memory: Summer of 1965
Favorite oldies: Theme From a Summer Place, Summer Times Blues, For What It’s Worth, Tears of a Clown

Title:Donna (McGuirk) McFlynn View record     Question 

Address: 5959 Snowmass Creek Rd., Snowmass, CO81654

Marital Status: Married 32 years
Occupation: Special Education/Educator
Kids: 4
Grandkids: 7
Memorable life moments: Birth of my 3 Children, Hiking Na Pali Coast; Bodysurfing a 15 foot wave; Swimming with Humpback whales off the coast of Vavau, Tonga; finding ammonite fossils in Mustang Nepal; Watching 25 foot waves off Point Dume ... many more

Title:Jim McMullen View record     Question 

775 Empress Ave, Camarillo, CA 93010

Marital Status: Married 39 years
Occupation: Retired from Federal Service after 35 years – own a Pool and Spa Service in Ventura County
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 3
Met spouse: Met Paulette (Clark) at St. Mo’s.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Moved to Oregon in '76, hated the rain, came back to "sunny" So Cal the following year and discovered Camarillo through a friend.
Want to travel to: Machu Picchu, Peru.
Farthest place visited: Virgin Islands.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Doug Anderson, Frank Ponce.
Standout HS memory: The day I met the girl I would spend the rest of my life with. Grad party at Steve Hilton's.
Memorable life moments: Ziplining in Alaska - Cruising the Caribbean - Surfing in Hawaii - Publishing a book, "When the Street Lights Come On," and being a grandfather 3X.

Title:Cathy (Meade) Welt View record     Question 

975 Flagstone Dr., Santa Maria, CA 93455

Marital Status: Married 30 years
Occupation: Educator
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 0
Met spouse: We met on the island of Pohnpei In Micronesia while I was in the Peace Corps.
How I/we ended up living where we do: My husband took a position at Allan Hancock College in 1992.
Want to travel to: We plan to retire in June 2009 and want to take a safari somewhere in Africa.
Farthest place visited: Bali, Indonesia.
Standout HS memory: Friends! The dances and sock hops, lunch time (sitting in the big circle), Bye Bye Birdie, fun times with friends, and of course all those summers at the beach!
Memorable life moments: Living in Lake Tahoe and on two islands in Micronesia (Pohnpei and Saipan), Christmas in Bali, travels with my family, the many wonderful times with friends near and far. Too many memorable moments to choose just one.

Title:Lynda (Mollica) Boisselle View record     Question 

2016 Pelham Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Cosmetologist

Title:George Morton View record     Question 


Marital Status: S
Occupation: Night Auditor of a 4 diamond – AAA hotel Casino and Resort
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 1

Title:Jon Mukri View record     Question 

4740 Arcola Ave., Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Marital Status: S
Occupation: GM
Standout HS memory: Jim Marshall's surprise party for our Drafting Class.
Memorable life moments: 22 years in the Navy.

Title:Ron Nachtwey View record     Question 

7308 E. Vaquero Dr.,
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Marital Status: Married 5 years
Occupation: 1) Training teachers of Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 2) Realtor
Met spouse: Blind date in Scottsdale AZ. Love is blind!
How I/we ended up living where we do: Escaped L.A. Love the dry heat!
Want to travel to: Argentina…Tango!
Farthest place visited: Moscow
Who did you miss at the reunion: Frank Ponce.
Standout HS memory: Singing show tunes with the class in the early AM after grad night. Screaming-fainting girls at the Battle of the Bands with Limey & the Yanks, in the gym.
Memorable life moments: Performing my comedy character in a Scottsdale show for 1000 people. Worked and traveled with the Beach Boys.
Favorite oldies: Whiter Shade of Pale, Like a Rolling Stone, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club, It’s a Man’s World

Title:Ruth Gooley View record     Question 

(Guest from St. Mark’s Elementary School)

Title:Barnabus Palmatier View record     Question 

4747 Kester Ave #102
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Occupation: Advertising: Media Billing Supervisor/Red Bull
Kids: 2
Met spouse: We were co-patients at Beverly Hills hospital in 1986.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Moved to the Valley from Santa Monica in 1988 when rents soared!
Want to travel to: I wish to visit Shakleton's gravesite (though his heart is buried in England) on South Georgia Island in the Falklands - a southernmost human habitation where Shakleton staged his Polar Expeditions from and where he died during his last. My wife and I visited East Germany shortly after the Wall came down.
Farthest place visited: Germany
Who did you miss at the reunion: Christine O'Kelly, Chris Sandoval, Kathy Dennis, Mary Dimeglio, Patty Bradley.
Standout HS memory: JV Basketball, Kissane's Thunderbird, evil Msgr O'Flaherty. My love/hate relationship with Mola Mola.
Memorable life moments: Watching the LA Olympic Boxing Semi-Finals live.

Title:Terry Powers View record     Question 

1127 Lone Indian Trail
S. Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Marital Status: Married 26 years

Title:Eileen (Rice) LaBarbera View record     Question 

265 19th St. Santa Monica, CA 90402

Marital Status: Married 7 years
Occupation: Human Resources Administration (Retired after 30 years)
Kids: 4
Met spouse: At a SM Little League game about 40 yrs ago.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Never left Santa Monica.
Want to travel to: Ireland to see where my parents were born and why the Irish are somehow superior to everyone else!
Farthest place visited: Italy.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Gioia, Cora, Dennis, Tony, Elmer, Chicky
Standout HS memory: 13 of us in Cora's Nash; Bye Bye Birdie; birthday breakfast kidnaps; field trip to Ojai; the Times office; the best friends ever.
Memorable life moments: Being at the 1988 World Series game when Gibson hit his homerun

Title:Stewart Resmer View record     Question 

PO Box 99, Venice, CA 90294
Vietnam Veteran

Title:Vicki (Rowland) Curran View record     Question 

2311 John St., Manhattan Beach, CA 92647

Marital Status: Married 30 years
Occupation: Dept head employee benefits-Hughes Aircraft, homemaker
Met spouse: At Loyola Marymount University
How I/we ended up living where we do: My husband grew up in Pasadena and wanted cleaner air. We love the beach!
Want to travel to: Gosh, I don’t know, so many places have come off my list because of safety reasons.
Farthest place visited: Hong Kong or Dakar, Senegal.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Terry Lockman.
Standout HS memory: Fun with Nicki, Terry, Chris O, Margaret. Nicki and I smoking cigarettes at Zucky’s.
Memorable life moments: The beginning of a wonderful 30 year marriage.
Favorite oldies: Cherish, Light My Fire, Smoke on Water

Title:Thomas Roze View record     Question 

8627 Yorktown Av, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Marital Status: Married 28 years
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Kids: 2

Title:Reggie Shribbs View record     Question 

12649 Whiterapids Dr., Orlando, FL 32828

Title:Mary (Svaboda) Brodin View record     Question 

11302 Stevens Ave
Culver City, CA 90230

Title:Leslye Vodden View record     Question 

PO Box 231
Meadow Vista, CA 95722

Marital Status: Married 36 years
Occupation: Educator for 34 years, having taught preschoolers to adults with an emphasis on learning disabilities and reading development.
Kids: 2
Met spouse: I met my husband at a Hollywood party that I was party crashing with Diane Adamson and others.
How I/we ended up living where we do: We came up to ski in Tahoe and visit a friend who lived in Applegate in the Sierra foothills. When we decided to leave Santa Monica this same friend found us a place to live on 4 acres that cost $40.00 a month. We couldn't pass that up and have lived here ever since.
Want to travel to: I'm an avid hiker and trail blazer, so for my 60th birthday I'm planning to hike the 3 day trek up to Machu Picchu in Peru with my husband and friends. After we reach our goal, we'll then take the train back down.
Farthest place visited: Europe.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Janice Fortier.
Standout HS memory: St. Mo's and the 60's were a memorable time. I always had fun! Memorable life moments: Moment by moment, life has provided me with many wonderful adventures.
Favorite oldies: Light My Fire

Title:Mike McGann View record     Question 

Formerly Brother Alfred

Title:Attended But Not Photographed View record     Question 

Ken Clason
Rose Marie (Caruso) Layman
Steve Hamill
John Havel
John Hummer
Randy Iacovino
Tom Lynch
Chuck Mackey
Henry O’Bourke
Richard Shumny

3. Pictures

Title:Santa Monica Pier View record     Question 

Title:Reunion Group Shot View record     Question 

Margaret (Corcoran) Reyes
George Morton
Vicki (Roland) Curran
Margaret (Engler) Paez

Title:Reunion Group Shot View record     Question 

Mary (DiMeglio) Messier
Virginia Lennon

Title:Class of '71 Volunteers View record     Question 

Barbara (Lennon) Barnes
Janice (Oakley) Khedari
Monique (Baron) Lasky

Title:Reunion Group Shot View record     Question 

Bernie Malis
Vicki (Rowland) Curran
Margaret (Engler) Paez
Margaret (Corcoran) Reyes
George Morton

Title:Reunion Group Shot View record     Question 

Catherine (Meade) Welt
Diane Adamson
Virginia Lennon
Angela (Veltri) Gage

Title:Reunion Group Shot View record     Question 

Kathy Leary
Robin (McConologue) Manteuffel
Diane Adamson
Donna (McGuirk) McFlynn

Title:School Yard View View record     Question 

Title:St. Mo's Street Entrance View record     Question 

Title:Nearby Park View View record     Question 

Title:Alumni Visit the Pier View record     Question 

4. Classmate Updates

Title:Jane (Arnn) Pahlman View record     Question 

9711 Andora Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Title:Sylvia (Azais) Addis View record     Question 

23246 Schoenborn St., West Hills, CA 91304

Title:Denice (Babst) Machida View record     Question 

10 Columbus, Irvine, CA 92620
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Customer Relations Specialist
Kids: 3
Grandkids: 2

Title:Anita Bates View record     Question 

2438 23rd St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Title:Jim Bellow View record     Question 


Title:Kathleen (Brummett) Barber View record     Question 

1950 Parkside Dr., Eugene, OR 97403

Title:Ensworth Bruni View record     Question 

9565 N. Calhoun St., Portland, OR 97203

Title:Rose Marie (Caruso) Layman View record     Question 

1638 Wellesley, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Marital Status: Married 37 years
Occupation: Housewife, Mother, Volunteer, Admin. Assistant, Business Owner
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 3
Met spouse: His mother introduced us when I worked at the S.M. Unified School district in 1970. How I/we ended up living where we do: Santa Monica - never left!
Farthest place visited: Europe, Israel.
Who did you miss at the reunion: The gals I hung out with who have never attended a reunion.
Memorable life moments: Our marriage in 1971, birth of our children and grandchildren.

Title:Kristine (Cerminaro) Cimmy View record     Question 

7431 Demure Lane, New Port Richie, FL. 34653

Standout HS memory: Senior Kidnaps-Hi Jinx-Seeing Bye Bye Birdie with mom- Graduation.
Memorable life moments: Hoping for “Mr. Right” and moving back to Santa Monica and would love to hear from classmates.
Favorite oldies: A Summer Place, Elvis, Little Coco Palm, Baby You’ve Got What it Takes.

Title:Lea (Chiquette ) Green View record     Question 

3665 Mountain View Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90066
Marital Status: D
Occupation: Registered Nurse

Title:Ken Clason View record     Question 

11222 Pine Bluff Rd., Nine Mile Falls, WA, 99026

Marital Status: Married 20 years
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Met spouse: At the Olive Mill Bistro (aka:“The Wrinkle Room”) We were both toasting good riddance to our ex’s and found we had a lot of foul expressions in common.
How I/we ended up living where we do: While visiting friends near Coeur d’Alene in late ‘80s we fell in love with the area. All the skiing, hiking, mountain biking and kayaking we could do without all the driving and crowds.
Want to travel to: Nebraska during a really good thunder storm. Farthest place visited: What’s farther Crete or Japan?
Who did you miss at the reunion: Fred Carr, John Cleary
Standout HS memory: Exploding hydrogen filled balloons under the visitors’ bleachers at football games. The Technical Committee was both fun and educational.
Memorable life moments: Hitch hiking through Europe in the ‘70s, spending my 26th birthday in Paris’ Latin Quarter and then finally getting to see the Acropolis in Athens.
Favorite oldies: Ebb Tide, Chimes of Freedom, Light My Fire, White Rabbit

Title:Connie (Coker) Elliott View record     Question 

257 Lindero Ave., Long Beach, CA 90803

Marital Status: Married
Kids: 3
Grandkids: 2

Title:Barbara (Cresto) Cosindas View record     Question 

3706 Cal Ore Dr., Redding, CA 96001

Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Radiological Technician, have been a school secretary/administrative assistant at local Catholic elementary school for 15 years.
Met spouse: At St. John’s Hospital where we both worked.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Husband was offered a job position in Redding.
Want to travel to: Probably Ireland to trace my ancestry.
Farthest place visited: Poland.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Patti Beneneati, John Havel, Tom Lynch, Teresa Lockman. Standout HS memory: I guess Hi Jinx was always my favorite time.
Memorable life moments: The birth of my children and grandchildren.

Title:Walter Daniels View record     Question 

801 Pat Ln., Carson City, NV 89701

Marital Status: Married 37 years
Occupation: Construction, Cabinet and Furniture Maker, Building Contractor, Construction Project Manager, and Artist
Kids: 2
Met spouse: I met my beautiful wife at St. Monica’s High School.
How I/we ended up living where we do: My wife’s sister moved to Carson City, Nevada in the early ‘80s. We came to visit several times, fell in love with the small town, moved and have been here ever since. If any fellow classmates come to Carson City NV give me a call, the door is always open.
Want to travel to: I would like to go to France and Italy to see some of the best art in the world. Farthest place visited: Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.
Who did you miss at the reunion: I would like to see all my fellow classmates again. Steve Gamboa, Randy Iacovino.
Standout HS memory: How special my fellow classmates were in having respect for one another, playing sports, Bye Bye Birdie and having art class with Sister Marlene.
Memorable life moments: Getting married and the birth of my children.

Title:Peter Daspit View record     Question 

7777 Long Peak Drive, Riverside, CA 92509

Title:Sharon (Drewniak) Ponce View record     Question 

1252 11th St. #204, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Marital Status: D
Occupation: Executive Assistant
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 1

Title:Patti (Edwards) Mira View record     Question 

2 Thorn Oak, Dove Canyon, CA 92679

Marital Status: Married 38 years
Occupation: Retired
Kids: 2

Title:Jeannie (Ekstromer) Karaly View record     Question 

13301 N. Prospect Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Title:Juan Escalera View record     Question 

230 Rennie Ave., Venice, CA 90291

Title:Marie-Antoinette Feichtinge View record     Question 

7235 Kentwood Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045

Title:Sue Fischer View record     Question 


Title:Virginia (Gallegos) Hazelwood View record     Question 

855 Paradise Ct. Lafayette CA 94549

Title:Jeanne (Granahan) Prenovost View record     Question 

3014 Rosalinda, San Clemente, CA 92673

Marital Status: Married 30 years
Occupation: Screen Writer
Kids: 2
Standout HS memory: Being in the "Sound of Music" for Hi Jinx. Memorable life moments: Getting Married at St. Monica's Church. Favorite oldies: Moon Dance, Brown Sugar.

Title:Susan (Hackbarth) Delarenzo View record     Question 

650 Monroe, Ashland, OR 97520

Title:Mark Hage View record     Question 

4361 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

Title:Steve Hamill View record     Question 

1559 Fourth St., Los Osos, CA 93402

Occupation: Recreation Management, Lecturer, Tour Guide/Interpreter, lots of stuff.
Met spouse: My former spouse and I met in San Diego, she had gone to Samohi and we met through mutual friends.
How I/we ended up living where we do: I did my undergraduate work at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, left for graduate school and career but returned to raise our kids in SLO County.
Want to travel to: Europe and the South Pacific. Europe because of my heritage, and curiosity about the art, culture, and architecture. South Pacific because the ocean and the Tropics are in my soul.
Farthest place visited: East Coast, Hawaii, Mexico.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Lots of folks, but particularly those of you who shared my journey through Saint Monica's Grammar School.
Standout HS memory: Should I say getting whacked by Brother Pius with a field hockey stick in front of both the boys and the girls student bodies! And ALL the positive energy we generated. It was a really good time. I am so sorry I missed the 40th. I was so looking forward to it. Any of you who remember me and would like to connect, please write!
Memorable life moments: Besides the birth and raising of my two kids, our annual pilgrimages to Margaritaville and Kauai.

Title:Joanne (Hasslinger) Jones View record     Question 

1944 N. Inglewood St., Arlington,Virginia 22205


Title:John Havel View record     Question 

5939 Hesperia Ave, Encino, CA 91316

Marital Status: Married 20 years
Occupation: X-Ray Technician
Kids: 1

Title:Dulcy (Hays) Memmott View record     Question 

908 S. Maple, Mesa, AZ 85206

Title:Gilberto Mesa View record     Question 


Title:Deborah Herczog View record     Question 

18508 The Entrance Road, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Title:Sharon Hill View record     Question 


Title:Florence (Hilliard) Hansen View record     Question 

5239 E. Honeywood Ln., Anaheim Hills CA 92807

Occupation: Legal Secretary
Met spouse: I worked with Jerry’s brother and sister-in-law and they introduced me to him.
How I/we ended up living where we do: We’ve lived in Orange County since we were married in 1976.
Want to travel to: We would love to travel to the Holy Land to walk where Jesus walked.
Farthest place visited: Medjugorge in Bosnia-Herzegovena.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Several people!
Standout HS memory: Sophomore year! Memorable life moments: Our wedding day!

Title:Steve Hilton View record     Question 

10100 Santa Monica Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Marital Status: M
Occupation: Manager/Private Foundation
Kids: 2

Title:Margaret (Holbrook) Avina View record     Question 

5065 North St., Somis CA 93066

Title:John Hummer View record     Question 

1401 P Street #411, Sacramento, CA 95814

Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Locomotive Engineer, Port Analysis, Regional Planner and Deputy Secretary for Goods movement in California.
How I/we ended up living where we do: I received an appointment to the position of Deputy Secretary for Goods movement form Gov Schwarzenegger in May 2007.
Want to travel to: Patogonia on both the Chilean and Argentinean side. It is wild and beautiful and somewhat analogous to Calif, only far less developed.
Farthest place visited: Europe-England, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. Who did you miss at the reunion: Some of our St. Sebatian brothers and sisters: Davy Valdez, Chris Cruz and also Steve Novacek. Standout HS memory: Seeing my dad in the stands when we played a jv football game. Part of the unspoken stuff I wish I could go back to.
Memorable life moments: Watching the World Trade Center, where I worked for many years come down on Sept 11th I wasn’t in it then but I was in ’93 the first attack. Glad to be back in California after 21 years in NYC. So glad to see everyone who came to the reunion. Everyone looked so good! I would also like to say hello to those who couldn’t come. Gotta make it next time.

Title:Randy Iacovino View record     Question 

10392 Ilona Ave, LA CA 90064

Title:Carol (Jones) Sims View record     Question 

2780 NW Monterey Dr., Corvallis, OR 97330

Kids: 2
Met spouse: CSULB.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Job

Title:Barbara (Keith) Ochoa View record     Question 

1127 Centinela, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Title:William Kenney View record     Question 

8240 Walden Woods Way, Granite Bay, CA 95746

Title:Kathleen (Kittrelle) Moro View record     Question 

18834 Tomahawk St., Fountain Valley, CA92708

Title:Robert Krufal View record     Question 

1011 Maple Ave., Greenfield, CA 93927

Title:Elizabeth Libbey View record     Question 

948 11th St, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Title:Terry Lockman View record     Question 

101 Garden Ave. San Rafael, CA 94903

Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Graphic Designer, Artist (painter)
Kids: 2
Met spouse: Life Painting Class at UCLA 1973.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Always wanted to move out of LA and had friends in Marin County so we moved here. Love the proximity of big city and lots of nature.
Want to travel to: I love Hawaii (love the warmth, the water, the incredible colors); Tuscany/Italy (love the art, the history, the connection of food to the land, the fashion, and the people) and Australia (love the land, the huge open spaces, its similarity to Calif.).
Farthest place visited: Australia, Singapore.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Nicki, Vicki, Donna, Patti, Chris, Mike Brennan,Tom L, Reggie, John Havel and Hummer, Walt Daniels, Micki, Dave Saxby and many more…
Standout HS memory: Homecoming 68 and all the wonderful friends, trips to Malibu.
Memorable life moments: I have a lot of them but I have to say that the births of my 2 daughters are the most precious and impactful moments. Website:

Title:Linda LoPorto View record     Question 

125 ½ S. Sweetzer Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Title:Chuck Mackey View record     Question 

6547 N. BendelAve, Fresno, CA 93722

Marital Status: S
Occupation: Physician Assistant

Title:Tom Lynch View record     Question 

1735 49th Ave, Capitola, CA 95010

Marital Status: D
Occupation: IBM and then other high-tech sales/consulting. Currently Executive Recruiter.
Kids: 2
How I/we ended up living where we do: Came to Northern Cal in 2000 to join a Start-up company.
Want to travel to: Italy to see the coast and visit as many great wineries as possible.
Farthest place visited: Athens Greece. Standout
HS memory: Track, Homecoming.
Memorable life moments: Meeting Debbie

Title:Steve Mahoney View record     Question 


Title:Kathleen Malin View record     Question 

26955 Deerweed Tr., Calabasas, CA 91301

Title:Mary Ellen (Mayer) Viboch View record     Question 

1161 Alta Mesa, Moraga, CA 94556

Title:Peter and Nicki (Bruin) McBreen View record     Question 

5018 Fairbanks Way, Culver City, Ca 90230

Title:Kevin McBride View record     Question 

2207 Huntington Ln #B, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Title:Susan (McCloskey) Kelly  View record     Question 

3020 Tilden St NW, # 304, Washington, DC 20008

Occupation: President, McCloskey Writing Consultants (after resigning from my professorship at Vassar College in 1991, I started my own business)
Met spouse: At a dinner party at the Dean's house when David and I were both teaching at Vassar College.
How I/we ended up living where we do: My husband's work made Washington, D. C. the logical place to live. We moved three years ago, and we love it here.
Want to travel to: Turkey. I am interested in ancient history and archeology, and Turkey is filled with both, from many different cultures.
Farthest place visited: Morocco.
Who did you miss at the reunion: Kathy Kitrelle Moro, Kathy Dennis, John Havel. I missed the 40th because I had moved without thinking to send the reunion planners my new address.
Memorable life moments: Finishing the New York City Marathon in 4 hours and 5 minutes.

Title:Steve McDougall View record     Question 

1305 Sunset Dr., Tacoma, WA 98465

Title:Maureen (Meister) Klotz  View record     Question 

4367 South 151st St., Omaha, NE 68137

Marital Status: Married 32 years
Occupation: LVN/LPN (retired) !
Kids: 3
Grandkids: 2
Met spouse: My husband Chris and I were Peace Corps volunteers in the Middle East country of Oman. We were both sent to the same village of Salalah in Oman.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Chris is from Nebraska His family has a business in Omaha.
Want to travel to:  Australia. I went to Sydney 6 years ago and was just blown away by the country. But Sydney is just a small part of Australia. I want to see all of it! Farthest place visited: Sri Lanka
Who did you miss at the reunion: Everyone! Since I did not attend! Standout HS memory: Getting suspended on my birthday for smoking in the alley. I had to sit in the office all day long.
Memorable life moments: I would have to say being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993. .After the initial shock, etc. it changed my life in many, many positive ways. Hey, if any of you are ever in Omaha please look us up.

Title:Michael Muths Update View record     Question 

PO Box 218, Oregon House, CA 95962

Title:Henry O'Bourke View record     Question 

6118 NE 182nd St, Kenmore, WA 98028

Marital Status: Married 20 years
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Kids: 2
Grandkids: 5
Memorable life moments: Falling in Love.
Favorite oldies: Unchained Melody, Only You, You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Title:Tim O'Connor View record     Question 

16683 Aileen Way, Grass Valley, CA 95949

Marital Status: Married 36 years
Occupation: Property Management
Kids: 2

Title:Sandra (Orlando) Holt View record     Question 

416 Hillcrest St. El Segundo, CA 90245

Marital Status: Married

Title:Katherine (Padilla) Burgess View record     Question 

10156 Wisner Ave., Mission Hills, CA 91345

Title:Bernadetta (Pakalnis) Ulis View record     Question 

615 12th St. Santa Monica, CA 90402

Title:Tim Parsoneault View record     Question 

40055 Ridgemist St., Palmdale, CA 93591

Title:Mary (Pearson) Madruga View record     Question 

2354 NW Torsway St., Bend, OR 97701

Title:Theresa (Rangel) Regalado View record     Question 

2901 Virginia Av, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Title:Tim Reeder View record     Question 

Title:Jerome Ricard View record     Question 

6224 Cory St., Simi Valley, CA 93063

Title:Chris Riddle View record     Question 


Title:Frank Roberts View record     Question 

Title:Candace Rumenapp View record     Question 

18611 Calvert St., Reseda, CA 91335

Title:Larry Rusinyak View record     Question 

7569 Portbury Park Lane, Suwanee, GA 30024

Title:Chris Sandoval View record     Question 

2536 28th St #3, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Title:Patty (Sanford) Edwards View record     Question 


Marital Status: W
I have been living in Bradenton, Fl. for the last year with my daughter Ashley Edwards (38). I have a grandson Bernie who is 19 years old. To those of us who decided to skip detention and head to the nearest beach, surf’s up! Remember the Beach Boys, I loved them. Peace, love and light across the Universe!

Title:Jane (Saporito) Stucker View record     Question 

24455 Crestview Dr., Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Marital Status: Married
Kids: 3
Grandkids: 1
Met spouse: At the drag races.
How I/we ended up living where we do: Our jobs took us to Santa Clarita.
Want to travel to: Australia because I haven't been there yet.
Farthest place visited: Rome.
Who did you miss at the reunion: I couldn't make the reunion so I want to see everyone.
Standout HS memory: Prom nights and decorating the homecoming floats.
Memorable life moments: Being there for my granddaughter's birth and having my books published, that was pretty cool. Seems like Santa Monica was just a gentle, misty dream, but I carry it with me in my heart every day.

Title:Jim Sarosi View record     Question 

18120 Johnson Rd, Red Bluff, CA 96080

Title:Sam Saunders View record     Question 

382 Benicia Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Marital Status: Married 33 years
Occupation: CPA
Kids: 2

Title:Dave Saxby View record     Question 

764 Puerto Oro Ct., Oceanside, CA 92057

Title:Kenneth Scheller View record     Question 

4043 Randolph Rd. Edmonton, KY 42129

Title:Julie Schmidt View record     Question 

3 Quince Ct, Ridgefield, CT 06877

Title:Peter Shikli (Sikli) View record     Question 

2813 La Ventana, San Clemente, CA 92672

Marital Status: Married
Occupation: CEO Bizware Online Applications, a software company I founded 20 years ago.
Kids: 2
Met spouse: Rock climbing with the Sierra Club.
How I/we ended up living where we do: I wanted something half way between LA and San Diego, and next to the beach.
Want to travel to: Borneo, to visit the last great rain forests.
Farthest place visited: Down one side of Africa and up the other, back when I was in my 20's with a backpack.
Who did you miss at the reunion: I was out of town, or I would have attended.
Standout HS memory: I learned chess at St. Mo's, and many moons later started a fun subsidiary called MegaChess. Funny how such things come around.
Memorable life moments: Late two nights ago, I drove up to St. Mo's from San Clemente. Someone left the south gate unlocked so I was able to wander around the school yard. Lots of fine memories drifted over me with the setting dew.

Title:Richard Shumny View record     Question 

1335 Elysia St. Corona, CA, 92882

Marital Status: Married 28 years
Occupation: Materials Manager
Kids: 3

Title:Madeline (Simonian) Justice View record     Question 

155 Barkentine St. Foster City, CA 94404

Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Entrepreneur own firm

Title:Toni (Smith) Harrington View record     Question 

3430 Sepulveda Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Title:Glen Solar View record     Question 

12293 Arbor Hill St., Moorpark, CA 93021

Title:Gary Tillemans View record     Question 

130 Olivia Ln, Big Pine, Ca 93513

Title:Tim Twomey View record     Question 

23 California RD, Reading, MA 01867

Title:David Valdez View record     Question 

2704 Tilden Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Title:Gaye (Venrick) Borne View record     Question 

1046 Rambling Rd., Simi Valley, CA 93065

Marital Status: Married 35 years

Title:Tom Walczuk View record     Question 

81 Chisolm Trail, Newbury Park, CA 91320

Title:Suzanne (Young) Printz View record     Question 

3107 Bianca Cir, Simi Valley, CA 93063

5. Closing Pictures

Title:School Steps View record     Question 

 View record     Question 

 View record     Question 

 View record     Question 

 View record     Question 

 View record     Question 

 View record     Question